Thursday, October 27, 2011


Holly. Eff. things have been so busy around here I don't even know where to start. I'm on day #2 of not even having enough time in a day to turn on the TV. Seriously. It's insane.

Work's been super busy and with everything else keeping me out of trouble in the evenings, I didn't even notice that it's been a whole month since Js left for course. I've been so busy making sure I'm busy enough to not go crazy with lonely, I've gone insane and very... very tired.

I spend all day running around at work and then I get home, pay equal attention to each pet and then keep running around doing my wifely duties of housework and picking up per-ordered video games. There's also been a lot of time invested in Hallowe'en prep - I finally have all the decorations we need for this place so I'm pretty satisfied with myself. I've barely got time to cook decent food so I've been living on pasta and random canned soups for the last two weeks.

I've also been working on some side projects since Js has been gone and when I realized it's been a month I went "Shit! I have nothing to show for a month's work!" so I put things in high-gear and it's like everything came together over the last three or four days. I made a series of four cowl for my crochet collection and I've done more work on my website in the last week than I have over the last month before he left. Given, things are usually slower during the summer... but still. Nutso!

Amongst all this, my blogging kind of fell behind. But on the brighter side, I seem to be digging my way out of this blog-funk I was stuck in. I'm dealing with stuff and getting things squared away and hopefully I can come to terms and or get answers and be able to blog a bit more openly about the shit that's taking up most of my energy. :o) Hurray for betterness!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday fail.

Today's just been one fail after another. Nonstop fail. Constant fail. I rolled my office chair over my own foot. I broke a nail so bad I yelled "FUCK!" right in front of the Padre. The Padre ordered the last bowl of soup. My necklace got caught in a binder ring and when I got up, the binder dragged every.thing. on my desk to the floor.

I come home, nuke a piece of pizza and as I sit down, I think : Man, I'm glad this shit day is over!

I promptly proceed to cut my finger with the knife. I went upstairs, drowned it in Bactine and applied Polysporin. Then, my internal conversation went something like this :

"Oh crap! I should have taken out the band-aid first."
... ... ...
*band-aid #1 falls in toilet*
... ... ... ...
*band-aid #2 falls in toilet*
*close lid*
... ...
*apply band-aid*
*slam drawer on knee*


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