Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When no one is watching

Ever wonder how many stupid things we do when no one is watching?! I just caught myself sniffing at my cat's ass : holding him down with one hand, pulling his tail up with the other before I go nose first for what seems to be the teeny hole that is filling this room with reek.

Just sniffing above the general area of his butt won't do, but it's clearly what I would have done if anyone else had been here to see me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days before moving - According to RLepage

Ages ago, I posted about the last weeks before moving and how the Royal Lepage guide to moving suggests to prepare for it and promised I would post the last 3 check lists : 1 week before moving, Packing Day and Moving Out Day. So I should get right on that since it's been over a month! :)

Also, with the development of things, I decided to add another list : Unpacking Day(s).

1 week before moving
  • Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials
    • Plan as if you're going away on a 2 week vacation. Technically, they have 15 days to deliver your stuff to destination and it's hotel rooms until then. Bring things to keep busy, crossword puzzles, books, anything! Depending on where your posted and how you're getting there, it might take a while until you can put away your suitcase!
  • Take down curtain rods and remove any attached fixtures.
    • I don't know about you, but even if I'm moving, I'd rather my neighbors NOT see me running around naked because someone called as I was getting in the shower. Bad idea. Keep the curtain rods on as long as you like. If you or your spouse is present at the house during Packing day, they can get removed then or even in the AM before the Movers (I refuse to call them Packers) get there.
  • Do not giggle every time someone says Packers. They don't like that.
  • Dismantle large power tools, etc.
    • This one is an internal debate for me and I will probably be able to settle it once Maggie's movers encounter their Air Hockey Table of Doom. Unless it's a hazardous item like a power saw or something equally sharp, I'd recommend to leave it up to the movers unless the estimator requests otherwise. If you break it, don't dismantle it enough or too much and it breaks during the move, it's your problem. If they do it, it's theirs. 'Nuff said.
  • Make sure you have everything you need to survive the trip.
    • Passport, medication, ID, paperwork, keys (old and new), wallet, cat food, phone... and much much more! Start packing that kind of stuff in your carry on luggage (check air line regulations!) as soon as you can and keep it somewhere safe. You wouldn't want to realize your new house keys are packed away and on a truck to destination. If you're moving to Moose Jaw, bring a tuque.
    • Make sure your loved one has packed enough complete uniforms (tuque!) to be able to report to work until you receive your things.
  • The 1 week list is a bit shorter than the other ones, there's a ton more stuff that could go on here but most of it is really depending on your situation. Best advice I can give is to try to live as normally as possible until the very last moment. It will help you keep your head on your shoulders, stay focused and organized.
Packing Day

  • Point out items you will be taking with you.
    • I don't think pointing things out is clear enough for some of these people. After repeating ourselves a couple of times, we decided, once they'd emptied a closet, we kept everything we didn't want them to pack up in there. It prevented a lot of confusion and repetitive questions.
  • These people will pack ANYTHING!
    • Sure, the estimator dude told you they'd flag anything they couldn't move and set them aside... but the description they were given and the description according to the policy (and insurance!) are very different it seems. I'd left a ton of nail polish I totally forgot about, packed! Some champagne we got to celebrate in our new home, packed! Wine, packed! Water bottle I was having with my lunch, I turned around for one second : Packed! Thing is, if you forgot to remove anything and they didn't notice (read : care), you're responsible for it if it damages anything! The wine made it safely to SK and we enjoyed it while unpacking.
    • They should leave you an open box and a couple of supplies in case you find anything they missed or forgot to remove a picture frame from the wall or something.
    • Keep a screwdriver, hammer and basic tools until the last minute in case they need to take something apart.
  • In the morning :
    • Remove any fixtures you are taking with you, ziplock all the screws and supplies and secure them onto the fixture so they are easily found once you get to destination.
    • Remove anything from the fridge (tupperware containers, water pitcher, ice trays) you will want them to pack up.
  • Stay out of the way. As hard as it may be, don't overlook everything they do. They get annoyed, they might pack your crystal along with your books.
Moving Day
  • Follow instructions from the moving dude.
  • If the moving dude's name is Gary, tell him your toilet is broken.
  • Review the list with them.
    • Make sure the description of damage/state of your things is accurate. Remember these people are trying to cover their asses should anything get broken or scratched so they might try to exaggerate a bit just to be on the safe side. Adress the problem immediately and contact the moving company if you have any issues before you let them leave.
  • We were lucky enough and they were done loading the truck at 12:30pm. We did all of the cleaning and fixing up of the place right that evening and we were able to enjoy some time with our family during our planned "Cleaning Day".
Unpacking Day(s)
  • Do as much as you can as soon as you can.
  • If you are unpacking yourself :
    • Make sure to empty out ALL the packing paper and everything else before throwing away the box or you might end up with a TON of tupperware lids but no containers... It's grand! :o/
    • Make sure to make your pets as comfortable as possible as soon as possible to avoid any "confused messes".

So here it is, what I remember the most from our first move-I'm glad it's over!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Damn magnet!

Imagine my disappointment when I started moving things and found the magnet underneath the toaster.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

EI - Employment Insane-ness

Being unemployed for the first time in EVER is hard. I don't remember the last time I was out of a job and I certainly don't remember the last time I was unsure about myself when it came to finding work. Maybe I'm overacting or maybe it's just normal to feel this way... but it's very uncool.

Job hunting is a very tricky thing.

It's exciting when you find a great job posting and you think you would fit that description very well. It's hard not to think that maybe you read it all wrong and you'd be the worst person in the world for the job.

I keep thinking how great it would be to have this job and how much I would learn and how that would be awesome knowledge for the future. (As a military spouse - you kinda stop thinking you'll keep the same job forever!) It's hard not to get all worked up and anxious about the possibility. But that's just what it is... a possibility. There are probably a TON of people more qualified who have been waiting for this job to be available and who submitted their resum├ęs ages ago. Here I come, thinking this is right for me! Watch out, world!

For the last couple of years, I woke up in the morning, knowing what my job was, what I had to do and what it entailed. I worked for big companies, got a ton of training and resources - huge help. What if I'm left to fend for myself this time around?

I've been doing the same thing for... how long!? "I can't come up with this fiscal report but maybe we can do something about that eyeshadow!" I'm sure that wouldn't be very well received at the water cooler.

G'bye, longest week ever!

I always get confused, is Sunday the last day of the week because it's the last day of the weekend and I've always thought the week started on Monday... or is it the first day of the new week!?

Either way... last week is over and I'm damn glad to be sitting here with my giant red coffee mug! (More on that later!) It's been a very long and moody week in the life of me and I couldn't wait for it to be over! The same problems and concerns will probably arise again next week, but at least I get a day to pretend they won't.

I've been feeling really bored and kinda lonely but it's normal. I'm so used to having my friends and family around me, it's hard to go cold turkey and from one day to the next, live in a place where it's mostly strangers! I'm so happy I made some friends amongst Js' buddies and their wives out here! I'm lucky and I know it! I've met some pretty amazing people and I had forgotten how unbelievably nice people can be to total strangers.

Who lends their neighbor a hammer at 9pm on a week night?

No matter where you go, no matter how far away from those you love, there's always going to be an adjustment period where you have to readjust your life to your new habits and surroundings.

The first time you move out of your parent's house, you have to get used to living with roommates, doing your own groceries and being responsible for your living space. You need a while to get used to it... Well this is the same thing. I need a while to get used to having Js around all the time (for another 2 weeks - more bitterness on that later!) and to having a much much larger home to take care of together.

I'm having the hardest time getting used to not working. I feel like my brain is going to melt if I don't use it soon for something. Anything!

Eventually you figure ways of creating stuff to do for yourself. Like today : I dropped a fridge magnet between the fridge and the counter. Tomorrow, I have all day to move the fridge, clean underneath, wipe the side of the counter, retrieve the magnet, put the fridge back, clean the entire kitchen floors.

On Tuesday, I could ask Js to drive me to the Post Office, but I will wait until he's left for work and walk there. I will mail my stuff, go to the MFRC to print something Js could have printed at work and make some photo copies of ID cards because I need to mail some, then I will return to the post office and mail more stuff. Ta-da-dah! My entire day, full of fun activities! Then I will walk back home and sort the DVDs in alphabetical order or something...

I need a job, quick!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back on track

I'm all caught up with the world now. Well... my world at least! I was able to post some photos of my new home and our adventures on the way and connect with friends I missed. It feels strange to be able to talk to my mom in the same way I was talking to her when I was back in Ottawa, on MSN or by email but there is so much more distance between us now. It's strange but great.

I'm settling into my own little routine out here and I'm liking it. I love our new home and love spending time here, making it our own and somewhere we can both enjoy. I never thought I would feel this strongly about vacuuming.

We are almost all set up. We are getting our washer and dryer on the 28th so get ready for some epic washing action. So many things need to me washed... our slip cover for the two living room couches need a spin or two... and the curtains and that kind of thing!

I posted a ton of photos of house pre-decorations on my Flikr account... and I will post some post-decorating soon!

I think my move out of my old apartment was way over due. I think I've grown so much and changed so much over the two years that I lived there, I never really noticed until now.

I like living on the base. It has a nice, safe, community feel to it. The base reminds me of Ottawa but I'm not sure if it's because it's the only other base I know or if really, they are alike.

So this is all I've got so far, it's hard for me to get back into the writing swing of things, but I'm working on it. I have to find ways to keep occupied and I think I'm being successful at it so far!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Live from Home! YAY!

A quick post to let the world know that we got internet set up at home FINALLY!

I'll post some details and a huge update soon, but now... I've got some catching up to do! :)

Welcome back, me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Live from MFRC - CFBMJ

I'm almost back! :) I'm at the MFRC and thought I'd drop in and see if my post from my cell had worked last night! YAY!

I don't have much time/patience with a very very slow connection and strange keyboard so I'll be brief.

All is well at CFBMJ, settling in and starting to meet some new peeps! The job hunt starts today so wish me luck!

Js got his course message and he's starting in C-Wall on April 6th which gives us one extra week of time before he has to go... but also back fires with one extra week before he comes back!

We got our first piece of mail addressed to both of us at our new home yesterday! I card from Jf to congratulate us on our new home! Hurray! Perfect timing Batman! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I think I can post from my cell now!

Okay... Let's give this a try. I'll keep it short because I don't even know if this is going to work.

Everything is going well out here and we should have the internet up and running next week.

I'm going to the MFRC tomorrow so I'll probably be able to manage a couple of minutes to post a decent update!

Stay tuned... Now let's see if this works...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We finally got a call from the movers and our stuff will be at our new home tomorrow morning! :) Wheehee!

Down side : We won't have the internet probably for a couple of weeks until we can get settled in. They require a deposit because it's a new account and we kinda need the funds for other things right now, aka eat.

Unless I can borrow the net from someone, it'll be a short while until I can post again but I'll be sure to make it uber interesting with tons of photos or something! :)

Speaking of photos, I set up a Flikr account to be able to post photos somewhere else than Facebook... I put a wee slide show of it on here somewhere so feel free to have a look! It's filled with random pics right now since I haven't uploaded anything from the move yet but definitely bookmark worthy! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've never seen this much Canada...

Things are settling over here in the Jaw. We are staying at the Heritage Inn Hotel (where Lindsay might get a job! Yay!) until we get our stuff all set up in the new house. Until then, this, is home.

We left Ottawa on Thursday and it was hard to say goodbye to my parents but it was exciting to finally be on our way to our life together. I was glad they were able to come to the airport with us and wait around with us until we had to board the plane. The flight to Toronto was okay, kinda short and nothing I wasn't used to. We had enough time to eat there, thank god. Then, we were finally on our way to Saskatchewan. The minute the plane took off and we weren't touching ground anymore Js looked over at me and said "Now you can't change your mind anymore!"

It all became so real so fast but I didn't even blink. Finally, the band-aid was ripped off and I could stop being sad about leaving and start being happy about being here. This move had been dragging on for so long, I didn't really realize until then how much room it was taking up on a day to day basis.

We got here really late and after a hotel room hunt, we found one and just crashed. We were both so tired and we knew we had to leave for Winnipeg to pick up the cat the very next morning.

The drive to Winnipeg was long but it was filled with new sights. It gave us a chance to talk about random things, discuss some wedding plans and talk about our new home and what we have in mind for it. I squealed mid-sentence like a 5 year old child when I saw the giant Moose and took a picture and don't remember even now what I was about to say... I'd forgotten how exciting it was to discover somewhere new. Even if it's just a small town like Bushell Park or Moose Jaw, it's got it's charm. So far, I'm enjoying this place. I haven't seen much of it and still feel totally disoriented but I'll figure it out eventually. The air is dry, the land is flat and it's damn cold.

It took about 25 minutes in Winnipeg for us to retrieve a very soaked, cold, pissed off Jacko and get back on our merry way to Regina. Js drove a total of 1311.5km and I tried my best not to sleep. I failed miserably. Jack was soaked and he couldn't reach his bum to clean himself so when we got to the hotel, he looked like a confused half-cat-half-rat. Having Jack here makes it feel a lot more like home. Even if it's a low-end hotel room, he dosen't care, there's high shit he can climb on, he's good.

So pretty much, we left Ontario, came to Saskatchewan and drove to Manitoba and back to Saskatchewan within the same 24 hours. Every time someone asks me how much I like Saskatchewan, I don't even know what to answer because I haven't seen that much of it yet. I need a bit of time to let it all sink in.

This afternoon, we got to see our new home! I love it! Love! Pictures to come, I promise! Now I can't stop thinking about what's going to go where... *sigh*


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