Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - Why men irritate me (and Nick)

Nick posted this to my Facebook wall a short bit ago and I thought it was quite ... ... ... interesting.

Source : - Why I'd Be Offended If a Woman Didn't Take My Last Name

Snippet for your thoughts :

"Call me old fashioned. Call me traditional. Call me chauvinistic. Call me whatever you will, but don’t emasculate me. Leave my manliness in tact.

I do understand that for centuries women have struggled in a patriarchal society and that the last name is one of the final fronts. But please understand our plight. This isn’t about establishing a hierarchy in the relationship or taking possession of you. As deeply rooted as it is in our societal traditions, it is even more so in the man’s bible. It is a privilege for a man to take a woman’s hand in marriage, and an even greater honor of offering our family name as a token of our undying devotion. Arguably more so than a ring.

If you’re going to nag us about wearing our band during pick-up games and not leaving it by the bathroom sink after we wash our hands, then please remember to take our surname with you on your girls’ night out."

Source :

My first instinct was to feel frustrated but the more I think about it, I pity the fool. How sad to feel the need to, like a little puppy, pee in every corner because it's his only way for him to keep what's "his". I hope you enjoy the single life, pal!

Here are more thoughts on last-name-changing practices I've blogged about in the past :


esphixiet said...

the link you posted leads to a 404 error.
My thoughts on YOUR post: I have no intention of taking Michael's name because it means nothing to him (he was adopted by a step-father whom he didn't not like and his mother later divorced, but because he joined the army, it will be a big pain in the bum to change it). My father was the only son in his line, and had 2 girls, so I'm effectively the end of our branch of Kerrs. Unless something changes, I plan to keep it. I like the IDEA of "Mr & Mrs So-and-so", but I don't think, at this point in our society, that it's entirely necessary to take the dudes name :)

Also. The word verification is "acingoth". Goth. Hah.

Marie said...

Thanks for letting me know. :) I *think* I fixed it but I wouldn't bet on it... so here's the link to copy/paste just in case :

I get what you mean and that's pretty much how I felt about it all until I was faced with making a committment and picking a side. I don't think I would have changed it had Js not been the last Lanoue of his bunch - he's got a million cousins - all girls. I thought about hyphenating (sp?) but then my initials would be Marie L. L. L.-L. and it would be very weird. Plus, we're french and everyone expects me to keep my maiden name... and you know me when it comes to doing what everyone else expects me to do... ... it never ends well. ;)

Verification words make my life. :)

Meesh said...

I decided to post on this blog just to get the verification word - so disappointing since it's "mists" ha ha


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