Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Up in the air

Everything is.

Yesterday, Js came to see me at work. We stepped out of the store and he told me he just got a call from my Dad. Automatically, I thought something had happened to my grand-pa... little did I know.

My Mom was at the hospital - they found two lumps and they are waiting on more test results.

It took me a while to let it sink in - I don't think it has fully yet - and I called my aunt right away. I knew she would have more information than what Js got from my Dad. Talking to planes and speaking to a sobbing father-in-law on the phone is apparently not as easy as it sounds. I finally got a hold of her at work and it did not sound good. She gave me a bit more info and I told the girls at work I was going home.

Js force fed me a sandwich and then we booked a flight for me to come to Ontario today. So here I am. Using my Mom's computer (which doesn't have spell check so forgive my spelling and grammar) listening to my Dad snore and just waiting for the time difference to give up and let me sleep. It's only 9pm for me... I've had quite a long day and tomorrow looks promising.

It's like everything's been thrown up in the air and we're just sitting here, waiting for it all to fall back down. Either it falls back down into place and the world goes on or it doesn't and well... we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

For now, sleep.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go Meesh Go!

Sending positive vibes and thoughts to fellow blogger and friend Meesh who's expecting a wee one any day now. I've had a blast following her belly story over at Life On The Farm - In The City with her weekly updates, her nesting urges and her gorgeous belly shots.

Now hurry on up so I can see pictures of Mini-Meesh!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top 4 reasons why I didn't like The Back Up Plan

I'm not quite sure why I had medium expectations for this movie. I knew it wasn't going to be the best movie ever but for some very strange reason, I thought I'd like it more than I did. I think I was intrigued and charmed by the concept. Turns out, the plot is exactly what turned me off cold.
  1. Predictably predictable
    This movie was so predictable it's unreal. No surprises, no twists, no nothing. It's like, when something is about to happen and you go "Oh, they're gonna do it!" ... *drum fingers* "Do it already so we can move the eff on so she can dump you so you can try to get her back ad nauseum.
  2. He's not the dad. Get over it.
    So one of the big moments of the movie is when she gets mad at him for saying the babies aren't his. They are not. You got inseminated, you ninny. You can't be mad at him because he said something that's the absolute truth. There's a whole 3 hours (okay, probably more so like 15 minutes but it feels like 3 hours) of her being all depressed about it and all I wanted to do is shake the TV and scream.

  3. Jennifer Lopez.

  4. It makes me want to burn my bra.
    Oh look, finally a movie about a woman taking matters into her own hands and making it on her own! Wrong - she needs a man.
    Oh look, finally a movie about a single moms are not hippies but a reality? Wrong - they chant and hold hands.
    Oh look, finally a movie about a driven woman who sticks to her guns even when Mister Perfect comes along! Wrong - he's clearly more successful than her.
Ugh. Why does Hollywood still try to make movies starring Jennifer Lopez - do they not like money?

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Changes - again.

    I've finally decided to wear by big girl pants and make a move that is entirely for me and me alone. Part of me feels selfish but the other part feels pretty good about my decision.

    I quit my job for something entirely different. It's almost the same salary but it's a bit less... just enough less that we'll have to tighten the purse strings a bit until Js' next promotion. It wasn't an easy choice, especially financially but considering the perks, it'll be worth it. I'll get time off during the Holidays if we decide to visit family back home. I'll also be working a lot less so I'll have more time to spend at home working on other projects like my baking and that kind of thing. I'll be able to take on orders without feeling pressured because I work so much. It's a part time job but considering the difference in hours worked, I'm getting much much more per hour so it's a win. I'll also be able to walk to work again - I think that's the one thing I missed from my old/evil job. I'm looking forward to doing something completely new, exciting and a bit more creative. There's also many more opportunities for growth so it's more to look for in the long run.

    I guess I feel selfish because I'm not used to putting my needs and wants entirely first. I want to work less - I want a more stimulating job. We'll have less disposable income. Looks like I win more than "we" do but Js supports my decision and he's actually quite thrilled about it to so I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about it.

    The military lifestyle pretty much wires you to think beyond your own wants and needs. It's hard to de-program yourself to think about your future retirement options, transfer possibilities, flexibility of hours and so on. This is the one thing where I say a great big "EFF YOU!" to what the world wants me to say and do and I do whatever I want.

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Sickly McComplainerson

    Woah. A whole week without a post. Where are my manners?

    Well, there's been lots going on 'round here. I'm finally getting over this cold and gaining some of my normal energy back which has been quite productive. Js got my cold so he spent the weekend heavily medicated pouting like a big baby.

    "I'md sick."
    He spent two days like this. Two days of laying on the couch, sighing loudly and snotting on everything.

    Me : How are you feeling Honey?
    Him : I'md sick.
    Me : Awh. Want some soup?
    Him : I'md sick.
    Me : Are you cold? Want another blanky?
    Him : I'md sick.
    Me : ... oh... you're sick! You should have said something...

    Why is it that men always think they get it worse than we do? Seriously! All week, I was feeling queezy and sneezy and lazy... but it couldn't possibly me that bad. Then he gets it and it's like his world is ending. Oh, the agony!

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Under the weather...

    These last couple days have sucked, to say the least. I've been feeling sickly - aches, shivers, sniffles and sore throat. Yep, sounds like first signs of a flu. FML. I've been packing some extra vitamin C and echinacea in hopes that my immune system would kick it up a notch. Sadly, it ain't so.

    Also, my Grand-Pa's been having a hard time with his fight against cancer and he's been at the hospital in Ottawa for about a week now. My home town, where I grew up and where most of my family lives, is about 100kms east of Ottawa and when the local hospital can't handle your needs anymore, they ship you off to a bigger center like Ottawa. It's always a huge deal because it means that family members have to drive an hour to and from to visit and support their loved ones. In my grand-parents' case, it's an immense deal - it was a huge deal for them to go to the store so this is totally outside of their comfort zones.

    My grand-ma got a call this morning that they had to operate on him right away so she and my aunt had to drive to Ottawa for her to sign the papers allowing them to do it. During the surgery, he stopped breathing on his own so now he's hooked up to machines.

    That's all the info that I've got so far. I don't know why I'm blurting all this on here and probably don't make any sense. Just trying to cope with the fact that I'm 3000kms away. :(

    That's all I've got.

    Oh, and Nova lost her lunch about 15 minutes after I got home. Lovely.

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    This soap is mocking us!

    I'm all for being germ-conscious and healthy and all that jazz but there's something about making people panic for no reason that just irks me. My latest irritation is this :

    The Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser. What the crap is up with that shite? Let's review together the steps to effective hand washing practices :
    1. Turn on faucet.
    2. Press on germ-filled soap pump to dispense soap in hands.
    3. Lather anti-bacterial soap on hands.
    4. Rinse.
    5. Turn off faucet.
    6. Dry hands however suits your mood.

    What's that step right after touching the filthy pump? Wash hands. What gets rid of germs? Washing hands. Why the hell should I worry that the soap pump is covered in bacteria if I'm going to wash my hands right after I touch it. Seriously?

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Whiskey-Ville - Population : Unknown.

    Everyone has a wild side they save for the bedroom... and the internet?

    I came across a very interesting (and new) blog while browsing a 20sb today : Tales from Whiskey-Ville

    Source : Tales from Whiskey-Ville
    "Intended as a place for women (and men) to come and talk about sex, sexual encounters, and dating in the modern age. Your parents wouldn't approve. But that's why it's anonymous. Who are we? We're your neighbors, your sisters, your aunts, your coworkers, and those girls you pass each day on the street. Just a couple of ladies...talking about sex."

    Right away I was intrigued. Basically it's a collaborative effort to openly and shamelessly talk about what's normally censored in a "OMG! What if my Mom found and read my blog?" way.

    I have to admit I read a couple posts and I am not disappointed. It's funny, modern and it's got some truth and honesty to it that you'll only ever find on anonymous websites. The blog is still fairly new but I think it's definitely worth a read.

    Go on, give it a try... but please, close the door.

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Overload of Fall

    Today, I enjoyed a nice and relaxing day off. I went to the MFRC this morning to hang out and had some pretty interesting conversation with some old friends and some new acquaintances. The weather was much nicer today than it's been over the last couple of days. It got colder and rainy only late in the afternoon.

    I was supposed to go grocery shopping but I totally lazed on the couch and played scrabble with my neighbor all afternoon. We had a late dinner and when our company left I decided to finally make the trek out to town and get at least some fruit and veggies. Really, deep down in my heart,  I knew it was simply an excuse to go get a Starbucks coffee.

    I moseyed on over in my sweats and a big woolen sweater and as I got closer to the Starbucks counter and started wondering what I wanted to order... I saw it there, on the menu board :  Pumpkin Spice Latte.

    Now, I don't know if it's available year round because I think ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte in July would be very very very wrong. Then, I realized it was September, it was cold and dark out and I just had to have one. Man, was it ever delicious!

    I know people in Ontario are still roasting in summer heat but it's really starting to look like fall out here and I'm totally okay with that.


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