Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Vacation

This year, we opted to stay home and enjoy a relaxing Christmas with the babies versus the chaos that comes with travelling with two babies and having to live out of suitcases. That's our gift to our family.

The kids likely won't have many memories of their lives in Moose Jaw but we want to remember their first Christmas in their first home.

I came across a blog post not long ago preaching limiting your obligations during the holidays and doing things for you and your family instead. At least,  that was my interpretation of it. It made me think of all the things I want to do for and with my children and it made me realize that, in order to do those things, I would have to learn to let go of certain things that are expected of me. I never claim to be super mom, I simply try my best to do what's best for my family. I really couldn't give two shits how other people perceive me or my parenting. This doesn't stop during the holidays.

Yesterday someone asked me if we had any holiday traditions and I was taken aback. It's our first time as a family of four (+2 for the pets) we don't have traditions yet! But when we do build some traditions with our family, I want them to be stuff we enjoy. Not something we do grudgingly just because it's what's expected of us.

Today is my husband's last day of work then he's off until the new year. We will spend our time as a family taking it all in and doing as much or as little as we damn well please. :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hoping for a better day!

Yesterday was one of those days that seemed it would never, ever end.

I was just tired and my back was sore from nursing and overall bad posture sitting on the ground wrapping presents.

Boy had a couple mental breakdowns with cries that hurt behind the eyeballs. He used to scream like that before whenever he pooped but nothing came of it yesterday so we are staying alert today for poo-splosions.

Something just switches on when your baby is inconsolable and screams at the top of his wee lungs. I know I should be doing something but I went down the list of possible ailments and we are down to "try and soothe" him and hope he falls asleep. My mind just goes blank to everything and everyone around and survival mode kicks in.

It's too late to be colic or Periods of Purple Crying - we went through that with the girl earlier on.

I toss it up to his tummy bugging him. Poor tiny!

Here's hoping he feels better today. I have a new woven wrap that I want to break in but he would have none of it yesterday and I can't wear her when he's keeping me on my toes like that. I promise photos.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Take *that* Santa!

We are DONE the Christmas shopping for the kids. :)

We only got them a few small toys like blocks and balls and more "advanced" rattles along with one bigger toy, an activity block like the ones at the Dr's office. :)

They are still too little to understand Christmas but we still wanted to get them some stuff we would end up getting them anyway.

We don't really have that many toys for them and didn't buy any in advance because there was so much more useful stuff we actually needed right away "times two".

Truth be told, we also want to wait until Boxing Day and once we've opened all the gifts from family.

Next year, there will be less room for error and they will need more expensive toys so we are keeping it low key this year and making our first Christmas with them more about the memories we are making for ourselves.

Last Christmas I made a huge traditional meat pie dish that contained dear and beef and porc and chicken, gagging the whole way through because of my aversion to meat and watched Love Actually on a loop with a cold cloth on my forehead. It was grand. I felt so blessed, nausea and all, and I tried to imagine what this Christmas would be like... I still haven't the faintest clue but I'm pretty excited. :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blogger app? Whaaat?!

I finally dug my head out of my ass and download the Blogger app onto my phone. Hurray!

Meaning I should be able to blog more even if there is a small child playing/vomiting/sleeping on me.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Post Maternity Clothes Reality

I have this shirt that I love. It's from the "work out" line from GAP. *shows how white I am* It's so comfy and it's got thumb holes and I love it. I wore it a bit at the beginning of pregnancy because I refused to stop wearing it. Alas, belly got in the way and I had to stuff it in a drawer until we could be reunited once again.

I put it on this morning for the first time post pregnancy. I felt awesome! Look at me, fitting in my shirt again! It even fits better than before and look at m'tatas!

...and then my son puked on it.


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