Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello Body - Nice to meet you!

I haven't always loved my body. Hell, I haven't always liked it even but I've been able to maintain it relatively healthy and able to work with what I've got. Since getting pregnant, I've discovered things about my body that I never expected to come out of it growing two extra little wee bodies.

During the first trimester of my pregnancy I lost a lot of weight for many different reasons. I was feeling really nauseous at the beginning and I didn't want to take medication for it until I had passed the 3 month mark. Why? I don't know. I kept telling myself it couldn't be that bad, that it was normal to feel this way in the first trimester. By week 13 I was literally begging my doctor to do something to make it all go away magically and instantaneously. Also, a very common side effects from all the medication I was taking for fertility treatments is weight gain. How much does it suck to know that a side effect from a medication you're taking to help you get pregnant can actually reduce your chances getting pregnant? A lot.

In the long run, I lost over 13lbs in my first trimester. I was monitored every few weeks by my doctor but he wasn't worried because of all the reasons mentioned above. Plus, I already had some extra cushion for the pushin' so it's no like my or the babies' health were in danger.

Now, I'm in my second trimester and though my appetite is a little bit better I'm still not pilling on the pounds as the books say. I was a bit worried but I figure as long as I'm eating and keeping it down - nutrients are being absorbed and my babies are growing. Right?

I'm enjoying this whole "getting to know my body all over again" thing. It's not an advantage I expected from pregnancy. So many women hate their bodies while they are pregnant - they feel like it's not their own or like it's getting destroyed by the baby. So far, I'm really enjoying this new experience and appreciation of everything my body does for me when I'm not looking.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting back on track!

It's been way too long since I've taken the time to step back and look at my life and spew random thoughts, feelings, and opinions on here. Way too long. It's amazing (and terrifying) how quickly we can forget how important it is to just assess what's happening instead of reacting immediately. I miss that most when I don't blog, I think.

Enough of that!

I'm glad to be back! :) I'll be working on revamping the look and branding of the blog a bit to go along with the semi-new direction I'm hoping to take it.

For those who haven't figured it out yet from my (not so) subtle posts back in December... We're having BABIES!! Yes, plural. A common "side effect" from our fertility treatments - though I don't know how I feel about calling my future children "side effects". Sure, babies are a side effect of having sex but with the dosage of medication I had to take... "side effects" doesn't have a very positive connotation in this context.

Enough about that for now. I've been keeping log of my thoughts and the conflicting (as per usual) ideas and opinions that keep me awake at night - or during my mid-afternoon nap - so I'm looking forward to putting them all to computer screen and sharing them. Thoughts I never thought I would even consider but now looking at the world through the still wee eyes of these wee human beings that are currently, I can only assume, having a tap dancing contest - the world is a brand new magical and scary place. I'm all the more intrigued...


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