Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fried Tofu - How to make tofu taste good.

I like tofu but I don't enjoy the wobbly texture even that of extra-firm tofu. In our attempts to eat better, we wanted to incorporate more tofu into our meal planning. We tried a couple different things and our favorite by far is the Fried Tofu. I'd had Joel's fried tofu (delish!) before but this one is a bit different and you can adapt it to fit pretty much any meal or taste preferences.

We normally prepare a whole bunch and keep it in the marinade in the fridge and then just use a couple pieces when we need to for stirfry, snacks, in salads or even as a side dish.

Fried Tofu à la Moi

I like to use extra-firm tofu because it's a lot more versatile and for some odd reason, I seem to think it lasts longer. You can use firm tofu also and prepare it the same way.

Tofu is hard to marinate because it's already soaked with water. You have to drain out all the water for it to absorb another more flavorful liquid.

Step 1 - Cut or dice the tofu in "finger food" size pieces. I normally slice the cube and then split those slices in small triangles. Gives about 12 slices so 24 pieces of tofu.

Step 2 - Place the pieces on a dishcloth (not terrycloth) and fold over until all the tofu is covered and tucked inside the towel. I normally will wrap up the dishcloth inside a terrycloth towel to absorb any extra water. Use something heavy to press down on the wrapped up tofu and let set for about an hour.

I normally use a heavy punch bowl with a cutting board, a heaving cook book and some heavy plates. Js always mocks my piles - we call it the Leaning Tower of Tofu. Pile up everything nicely and evenly on the tofu and go do something else. The longer you let it set, the more moisture will be squeezed out of the tofu and the more flavorful it will be. You can also replace the terrycloth towel for a dry one if you notice it gets really wet - especially if you're using firm instead of extra-firm tofu. If you're using firm or medium tofu, be careful not to press it too much - reduce your pile to a book or something and add to it if needed.

Step 3 - Heat up a large non stick skillet and "dry fry" the slices of pressed tofu. Don't use any kind of oil, cooking spray or non-stick substance. The tofu won't stick to the non-stick pan and as it starts to heat up, they should move around easily if you shake the pan. Turn and flip your tofu until all sides are fried - a bit yellowish and browning slightly.

Don't overload your pan. It's better to do a couple batches and to have evenly fried tofu than to do one large batch.

Step 4 - Prepare marinade in a plastic airtight container. You can use any kind of meat marinade or water-based sauce you like. Here's for my tofu marinade instructions - simple and uber tasty.

Step 5 - Soak the fried tofu in the marinade, make sure all the pieces are covered and leave in the fridge overnight.

They can be fried again in a pan with the marinade, thrown in with a stirfry, crumbled or chopped to serve on a salad or simply just like that as a snack instead of cheese.

I had documented and taken pictures of the last time I made this but with my lappy being out of commission, I don't have the photos but will post some next time I make fried tofu.

Teriyaki Tofu Marinade

Here's my fave tofu marinade. It's very delicious and also partly my fave because it's just so simple and easy. :)

1/4 part of soy sauce
3/4 part of teriyaki sauce
1 clove of garlic, sliced

You can prepare the mixture a couple hours before you throw in your meat or tofu to allow the garlic to soak for more flavor.

Mix well in an airtight container. Add fried tofu. Refrigerate overnight. Enjoy.

BIY - Baking under the influence

Js decided to host a last-minute bachelor party for one of his buddies. Of course, he informed me of this on Thursday and we had a couple hours this morning to shop for supplies.

I wanted to make a cake or some cupcakes or something in the shape of boobs. Yes, I'm classy like that.

So I cracked open a beer (more class!) and started looking for some inspiration online. I shared my ideas with my friend Whitney.

Then it hit me, I *did* have some supplies to make some boobie-cup cakes, so I exclaimed, much to Whit's entertainment :

"Oh! I have colored marshmallows for nipples!"

Class. I radiate class.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mornings - I does not heart them.

After 3 long weeks of fighting off this inner ear infection, I'm scheduled to go back to work on Monday and I'm less than thrilled.

I'm not looking forward to the GIANT pile that will have accumulated over the last 3 weeks and the tsunami of emails and phone messages that await.

I think the worst part of it all and what makes me dread Monday the most is waking up early. I am NOT a morning person. At all. You know, some people say that when you enter adulthood, this inner clock appears and you feel you need to wake up early to accomplish things... yeah... I don't have said clock.

I could go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 10am for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. Sure, I could wake up at 8am to "make more of my day" but I can't even being to think about functioning normally anytime before 9am so that'd be a waste of everyone's time and most importantly, precious sleep.

I can snooze for hours. No exaggeration there. Ask anyone who's ever lived with me. I will set my alarm early and then snooze until I have about 20 minutes to get ready. I don't know why I do it and I don't enjoy it, I just can't get up in the morning.

I don't normally eat breakfast and I know that sucks but I've been able to work around that over the years. I buy stuff I can eat on my way to work or I'll have coffee when I get into work and run on that energy until lunch time. Between snoozes, I normally plan out what I'm going to wear and where the clothes are in the room. Shirt in drawer. Pants in closet. Bra on floor. Got it! When that last possible snooze comes along, I just slap it until it stops and crawl out of bed, go do my thing in the washroom, shower, get dressed, brush my teeth/hair and run downstairs. 20 minutes and I'm out the door trying to remember if I turned of my flattening iron.

Such is a morning in my life.

Lappy down! Lappy down!

My Lappy is out of commission, again.

I was quietly surfing the interwebz late last night, chatting the night away with Whit and trying to find songs for the wedding when *boom* - Lappy decides he's had enough of viruses and the like.

He lost a battle, hopefully not his last because I really can't afford a new one right now. Sigh.

I like to think of myself as a good web-surfer. I don't download random crap, I don't remember the last time I downloaded a program or anything. I download all my music on iTunes and pay for it like a loser. I don't open any cutesie-attachments to "find out who my true love is" or any of that crap and I don't even open the "Forward this if you're a true friend - I'll know if I don't get it back" shite, it goes straight to the bin as I'm fully aware they are the diseased whore of cyberspace.

Alas, I still get some crap because my anti-virus was outdated and all that jazz. Ugh! My old PC lasted me 6 years without even giving thought to anti-virus protection.

Js is going to see if any salvaging can be done.
Until then, I'll be using his 'puter and I *hate* his keyboard.
I am a ray of sunshine.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update : Not much to report

Well... that's not entirely true. Some stuff's happened but nothing to write home about - sadly. I've been keeping busy like you wouldn't believe.

My ear infection is almost gone which means I should be back full force by this weekend. My new antibiotics make me feel like a giant bag of sleepy potatoes and I honestly say I haven't poked my nose outside since Tuesday evening. I'm supposed to stay inside as much as possible because the the wind and all affecting my ear. I'd be quite pale if it weren't for all the catch-up work I've been doing online.

Friends wise, things have been sorta busy too. My friend/neighbor's had her baby. We were expecting her to give birth yesterday and to visit her last night but she hadn't had the baby yet and we just heard back from them today to announce the good news. We'd already made plans to have dinner with friends (I made my famous tacos - yum!) so we couldn't make it for the visiting hours. A friend told me she was expected to come home tomorrow during the day so hopefully we can meet little Miley tomorrow. I'll try and post some pictures and promise not to go baby-crazy just yet. Another one of my friends' husband is posted to Ottawa (*jealous*) and it's like rippin' off a band-aid (which is good for me) so she'll be gone in 2 weeks! 2 weeks - that's crazy! We're trying to make plans for drinks or coffee before then but who knows if we'll have enough time. It would really really suck if we didn't get together but that's the way life goes it seems. I'm UBER sad to see her go but also glad she'll be able to attend our wedding! She's thrilled about her posting and so is her entire family - they deserve it.

As for work, I'm torn. I know I'm not technically allowed to post about where I work, what I do and how I feel about it all but it's quite hard. I think not being able to voice how I feel about it is a large part of my ... dissatisfaction. I'm normally very passionate about my work - it takes up a huge chunk of my life and that's how I like it. Having it be such a ... peculiar environment and being so ... detrimental to my mental and physical health is really affecting me. I've been off work due to this damn ear infection for 3 weeks and all my other stress related symptoms/conditions have suddenly disappeared regardless of increased financial stress. (Technically, I'm not talking about work - I'm talking about my feelings towards my work environment - so sue me!) So, yeah, it's been a tricky spot to be in and I have to make a decision and get my ducks in a row as far as what matters most to me - financial stability and independence or happiness.

That's about as much as I've got to update. Everything is still pretty much the same as it was, only a couple days later.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Night Musings

I'm watching last year's chick flicks on W, vaccumming and doing the dishes.
I've also considered reorganizing the entrance closet but I'll save that for later I think.

Yep, I'm lame.

Js is coming back from Montreal tomorrow and it's not one moment too soon! I enjoyed my time alone and I'm sure he had a great time visiting family and friends but one week is well enough, I think. Especially with my ear infection and sporadic spinning fits, it hasn't been easy taking care of the dog and doing everything I planned to. I've been off work since Tuesday, Dr's orders, so it's been a long week of napping, spinning, olympic-watching and online-procrastinating. Pure bliss? Strangely so.

It's been a while since I've spent this much time at home. I haven't taken any vacation time for myself or been off work for health reasons for this long before. Right now I'm well enough that I can function at home but not quite sure how I'll be able to funtion at work on Monday. I sort of felt like I did before I started working ; I felt more motivated to do the things I like and I had more energy to do them that normal even though I was groggy from the medication and most times couldn't even stand straight.

I think that says a lot about how I feel towards my job right now. Drained. Every other aspect of my life that's been sucky lately has been wonderfull over the last 2 weeks. Coincidence, I think not!

What am I going to do about it?! Not much I can do right now. I need a plan.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wedding dress. I has it. :)

That's right! I picked up my wedding gown today and it's now waiting patiently for the alterations.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weird dream - Living at a gas station

Yes, that's right. I had a weird dream last night where I lived at a gas station and I blame it all on the medication.

Pretty much, I was living in a hotel room attached to a gas station. I was trying to get some rest but people kept ringing the doorbell asking for directions. As soon as I got settled into bed someone came by to ask how to get somewhere. That went on for quite some time and I was getting frustrated.

Then some idiot left the door open too long and Jack ran outside. He almost got hit by a school bus. I ran outside to try and catch him but something caught my eye - the red car from Cars the movie was there and very intriguing for some reason.

Then I woke up.

Woe is our dog

Js went to Ontario to visit family and friends this week. I got to go for the Holidays, he got to go in February. That was the deal.

Nova does not approve.

She's been going crazy, pacing around the house, looking for him. She's been driving me batty.

Normally, she's all up in our grills, sniffing at our faces being the happy puppy that she is. This week, she's been hiding in the basement and just staring out the window constantly. She waits by the front door, then the side door, then the front door, then the side door ad nauseam.

At night, when I let her out for her last pee before bed she refuses to come back inside. I have to put on my coat and go out there to drag her back in. I think she waits for Js to come get her because that's what normally happens.

I know she must be bored out of her mind especially because I can't really go out and walk her. I can't even walk myself right now unless it's in very tight circles.

I feel like I should do a countdown and mark the calendar for Nova so we can count the sleeps until Js gets back... we are lame people. :)

Jack, however, is dealing quite well with having me at home all day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Media Coverage - Col. Williams

Before I post anything further about this topic, I'd like to set the record straight with regards to this or any future blog entry :

A) I refuse to tag, identify or label the events relating to Col. Williams accusations as the "events in Trenton" or "CFB Trenton's latest" or anything like that. Yes, the man was Wing Commander of CFB Trenton but I think it would be wise to leave the Trenton military community out of it. The injustice and prejudice towards CF members, especially those currently belonging to 8 Wing, is heartbreaking.

B) I do not wish to make a statement or take position in this affair. It is still very early in what is bound to be a very long and painful investigation and considering how small the CF community is, I don't wish to offend anyone or have friends and loved ones called up the chain because of something I wrote. I'll only be sharing information that I find online and trying my damn best not to voice my thoughts too clearly. I think, as a military spouse, y'all know where I stand.

A couple fellow bloggers posted this article and I thought I was worth sharing again.

You tell 'em (Ret'd) Major General Lewis MacKenzie, you tell 'em good!

Let the Olympics begin...

Looking at my news feed on Facebook today, I realized I must have been the only loser who didn't watch the opening ceremonies last night. We went out for our Valentine's day dinner last night because Js is leaving on Monday for a week long visit back home. I'm okay with that. I figured the rest of the world would have something to say about it so it'd be easy to catch up.

Everyone's views are so different and I'm having a grand old time reading what everyone thought about the speeches, the songs, the visuals, the sets, the representation of participating countries and most of all, the representation of Canada.

Seeing as I can't make write my own comments, I've decided to share what caught my attention :

My Nation makes me Proud by friend and fellow blogger esphixiet who shares a interesting letter from our country's Hockey team.
One thing that was missing. In all of the thank you's to volunteers and organizers, Furlong missed a thank you to the men and women whose duty is to keep the olympians and the spectators safe. To keep Canada safe.
The CF has deployed thousands of soldiers to Vancouver on Operation Podium, and yet not a mention.

A screenshot from Bitch Mag that's not really about the opening ceremonies but I did enjoy reading it. Including a shortlist of must-see events.
So here's what you need to set your DVR for (or, here are the days you need to call in sick) to view women blowing apart the body-hating, profoundly commodified definitions of beauty to show us all what breathtaking aesthetics in motion look like

A Facebook buddy, Kyle, had some interesting thoughts on the diversity present (and represented) during the opening ceremonies :
[...] the token natives at the beginning were nice. But remember that nearly 50% of Vancouver is of non-European origin. Seeing as that the opening ceremony should reflect the culture of the host city, I'm surprised not to see any Asian, Indian etc. performances.

Not sure I agree, but it's a different point of view...
(I haven't linked to Kyle's profile or posted his last name, I'd want to get his stamp of approval first.)

An Olympic blog I discovered quite recently and fully intend on reading daily discribes the events of the opening ceremony in a as-it-happens way that amuses me.
It didn't go off without a hitch . . . but went off nonetheless, with three of the four posts rising up to the cauldron where the torch was lit. Steve Nash, ever the unselfish one, didn't get to light a torch. Hey, it could have been worse than a Tripod Flame. As Gretzky departs to light the outdoor cauldron, NBC goes to commercial. Think there are more exhales or expletives in the control booth?

This post made it to my must-add-to-RSS-feed too...
Half an hour in, as team after team of athletes was introduced and paraded, I began waiting for at least one of these dancers to pull a header, face down in the fake snow. I soon became worried for one fast-footed member of the Métis group, as well as for one of the spinning powwow performers—they never let up, even when Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado showed up in their midst. (Sweet Jesus, to think that after all these years we’re still stuck with Bryan Adams.)

All that reading and catching up still hasn't allowed me to decide if I regret missing the Opening Ceremony or not. I sure am having a great time reading up on everyone's views and thoughts - I believe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost Update : Still Lost

I have to admit I was a tad underwhelmed after watching this week's episode "What Kate does". Yeah, yeah, yeah, she runs - we know.

It did take me (and Nick - as per our lengthy conversation) back to the show's beginning when we were all still learning about characters and when the show was more about the Losties than the Island itself.

Reading Nick's attempts to figure what it's all about made me realize that :

a) It's really the beginning of the end. If we start to understand what the crap's going on, it means it's almost over. :( *lone tear*

b) It started as a show about a bunch of exceptional strangers who landed on this random island. Now (to the untrained eye) it looks like a bunch of random people landed on an exceptional island.

So when we're looking for answers... what are we looking for?
The most mysterious part of that show is that blessed island and everything that's on it. That's what keeps us looking for answers - keeps us digging (and begging!) for more.

What if we start looking at the people?
Why them? Why were they chosen or attracted to the island? What makes them so special that they've survived a plane crash (some 2, some 3!) and living in the jungle with a bunch of crazies with guns.
What if the island is only a vessel or simply, like Nick pointed out, the board to a very very diabolical game.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I like my coffee with a bit of warm crazy

Last night, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she asked me "How do you like your coffee?"

A normal person would be able to come up with a straight and relatively simple answer within seconds. I am not normal. I instantly knew exactly how I like my coffee... but the answer was far from simple.

Early morning, when I'm at home I like it with a bit of milk and sugar. I don't like heavy cream in the morning and I don't want too much milk because it makes it too cold too quick. I don't want too much sugar either, I enjoy sweets more later in the day.

At Starbucks or Second Cup, I like the raw sugar and milk - just because they have some and it's delicious. If the coffee's too strong or too bold, then I'll have cream instead. At Timmies, it's usually double-double. Unless we're in for a long car ride, then I'll take one cream, one sugar.

At work I'll have 2 sugars and one milk. It takes me ages to drink my coffee at work so a bit more sugar makes it taste better longer. Most time we have that coffee whitener thingy so I got used to not using a lot.

If I have a coffee after dinner or around dinner time at home I'll take it with just sugar - not quite sure why. If we're at the restaurant though, I'll add a milk in there.

Lattes are a whole other story but generally, skim milk - half sweet - no foam works best. Tea lattes are delicious with soy, no foam.

Yes, I'm OCD - mostly on little things like ordering coffee, organizing hair clips and other such random details.

I found a man who's learned to deal with it all - doesn't understand it, but puts up with it, bless his little soul.

Wedding Stuff : Themes are a no-go.

If one more person asks me what our wedding theme is, I'm going to cut someone.

We really don't see the need to have themed wedding. Sure, it may be great for other people and it's got it's own style and charm - just not for us. Why would we go and make the wedding about something else than us? We're doing all this to celebrate our love with our family and friends, why make it more complicated than it really is!?

No paper plates or printed napkins needed. I decided to start telling people that our theme was "Js and Marie are getting married!" and they kept asking if we'd have mermaids and airplanes everywhere. Are you kidding me?!

We don't have a theme and don't intend to have one.
Whatever works and looks "us" passes the test. If we like/want something, we add it to the pile and it's over and done with. No matchy-matchy and no unnecessary fla-flas.

We don't have a specific color scheme and don't intend to have one.
We have two basic colors we picked out. A beigey-mocha-esque color and warm-blues. How specific, I know! We don't want to limit everything to the same shade of dull. I don't want to stand in a store for hours going : I really like this thing but it's not the perfect color. There is no perfect color - only colors that go and colors that don't go (ie: red).

Nova : 1 - Fence : 0

So Nova decided that her backyard lead wasn't long/sturdy enough for her anymore so she pulled and tugged and chewed until she was free. She comes back into the house after a short pee and runs right past me, 5 feet of lead trailing behind her.

We grumpily get into the car to go get a new one at Wal-Mart. It's sturdier and long enough so we can tie her to the side of the fence and she can roam about everywhere in our backyard as she pleases. No longer restrained to her usual area, Nova is overjoyed. Our fence is not.

She actually pulled a whole chunk of the fence straight off and dragged it around as she sniffed about the backyard.

I open the door to let her back in and didn't notice the fence right away. I see that she's all the way at the end of the yard, rolling around in a patch of snow crazily happy. I call her and she comes running to me and as she does so I think "Huh... I didn't know it was THAT long..." She zooms right by me again and I start pulling on the lead and what do I see, slowly making it's way towards me from across the yard?! A chunk of fence.

Nova weighs just about 50 pounds and she is not even a little bit destructive. I don't think she needed to pull that hard to get the fence to come apart but we did get quite the chuckle out of it. :)

As far as CFHA is concerned, it was like that when we got it.

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Call me Dizzy McPain

Over the last couple of days, I've been feeling very dizzy and achy. Migraines galore. Last Friday was the worst. We had Chinese take-out at our friends' and watched a movie and all was great. When we got home, I couldn't even stand straight and went straight to bed. I wanted to hurl, I was so nauseous. I couldn't even open my eyes because everything was spinning uncontrollably.

Yesterday, my coworker said she had something similar last year and it was all due to an ear infection. In the afternoon, I had to hold on to my desk to keep my butt firmly secured on my chair. I had a hard time getting to and from the copy machine but powered through the day just because I had so much stuff to do.

Near the end of the work day, I emailed my boss and told her I'd be visiting a doctor this morning if things didn't get better. Well it didn't and the very nice Doctor at the walk in clinic said I have an ear infection and a pretty good one at that.

I've got drops and antibiotics and I'm off work until Friday. It's bittersweet really. I'm all for getting the time off work - but that means I'll have a shite load of stuff to do when I get back on Monday AND I'm so dizzy, I can't even use my days to do anything but lay there and try to stand on my feet.

I can't do anything too physical because I never know when I'll smack my face on the ground and I can't stare in one place for too long because I get a headache from trying to focus. Lovely.

I just hope this all goes away by this weekend and we can have a semi-normal valentine's day celebration. :(

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wedding Stuff : A rose by any other name...

I'm very very far from being a rose but at least, in today's society, I can chose what my name is going to be. The choice is mine, rightfully so. This great post on Off Beat Bride (one of my favest websites evar!!) talks about just that.

Long, long time ago I asked myself if I was going to take my future husband's last name. I had to consider the pros and cons and really think about what it meant to me. The thoughts were triggered by an article I read in Bitch Mag about what feminism meant now vs. 10 years ago.

Mind you, I never would have dared to imagine I was going to marry Js back then. He was still an old friend from high school I'd lost touch with.

I had decided back then that I wouldn't be against changing my name and I wouldn't be against keeping my maiden name - all depending on if he'd be willing to change it too. If I know he'd change his name if the roles were reversed, then I would change it. If I know he'd be opposed to the idea, tough cookies, I'm stickin' to my guns.

Enters Js, this crazy life and everything in between.

When he proposed, I revised my name-changing thoughts and realized that they were still the same. I brought up the topic in regular conversation to test the waters. I wanted to know if he'd change his name for me, what his thoughts were and to see if it would change/alter my views on the whole deal. It didn't. I still felt the same about it and realized then and there that I had some thinkin' to do.

One night, Js was back in Moose Jaw and I was all by my lonesome (with Jack) at our old place in Ottawa and as I went to bed, I looked at our picture I keep on the nightstand when he's away (same photo he had when he was in Basic and we both have a framed copy we keep for such times - cheesy, I know!) and just knew...

I will change my last name to his when we get married this summer.

The last name I mocked so much in high school will be mine and I guess you can almost call that karma.

I'm changing it because I know he'd take my name if the roles were reversed. I'm changing it because I love and respect his family and am proud to be a part of it. I love and respect my family too and I'm blessed to be a part of it - it's so much more than a name. My family is who I am, in the way I do things, in everything that I know. Family is more than a name.

Yes, I'm changing my name. Call me unfeminist. If you define being unfeminist as not giving in to the social pressure and knowing who you are as a person and a woman while making your way through life, then I guess that's what I am.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Retro Post

A friend of mine recently decided to go back to the beginning of time and read my blog from the start. It's a good idea if you have trouble sleeping! Haha! Anyhow, her doing so kinda forced me to go back too and read her comments and the blog posts (however, it did nothing for my sleep deprived self).

Holly hell the last 2 years have been crazy - ups and downs and all 'rounds.

I know it's February and retro-posts are so last month but without further ado, I present you, the last year of my life.

Jan - Last month at TBS - awesome job. Sobbed like a 4 year old when I left.
Feb - Some unemployed-ness and then our move to Moose Jaw. Booked our wedding venue.
March - Playing house with Js as we attempt to be a normal couple again.
April - Alone. My 25 birthday was celebrated with newfound friends while Js was 3000kms away on course. Lame.
May - Js is back soon, hurray! Got a job... no comment.
June - Summer goodness.
July - My parents came to visit me in Saskatchewan which I never even imagined would happen.
August - End of summer-ness. Booked our Officiant for the wedding. Adopt Nova, 7mo old rescue crazy dog.
Sept - Getting used to normalness again - having Js around and trying to get a grasp of what a normal couple is. Bought our wedding bands!
Oct - Visited Maggie and Marc in Winnipeg, beyond happy to be posted so "close"!
Nov - Bought my wedding dress, hurray!
Dec - Got "promotion"... whatever that means. Visit family in Ontario and friends in Montreal. Js ans I spent Christmas apart but welcomed the New Year together.

I'm sure there's a ton more but I forget. I can rarely remember what I had for dinner the night before so this is pushing my luck.

You could always go back and read it all...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodbyes looming...

:( Boo!

My friend's husband is being posted far far away. We thought they'd be leaving by the end of March but I saw her hubby's posting message at work today and they have to be there by the end of March.

Yuck. I'm sad.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get your own depressed looking shaker!

Erin is amazing and she sent me this link today after reading about my emotional instability (word?) when it comes to salt shakers and Micheal Bolton.

I want.


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