Sunday, August 19, 2012

The baby thing

The whole thing about babies and how much we want one has taken over our lives at times, but only because we let it. We want it and we need it to take the center stage in our lives because it's not something to consider lightly. Whether it's given to you naturally or you have to resort to modern medicine like we have.

Sunday morning, after a hot yoga class, I sit in this little cafe sipping my iced americano and reading a book while my husband is out golfing with his buddies. We are meeting for sushi for lunch then heading home to start packing for out trip to Ontario next week. I love this life and there are moments when I think we must be mad to give it all up for a baby.
If I didn't take this time away from the tests, the medication, the procedures and the paperwork, I wouldn't know how much I want this.

That I am able to sit here and reflect on how I love my life in all its messed up glory and appreciate the fact that I would toss it all up in the air without a second of hesitation to have a kid. That is how much I want this. More than anything.

I could sit at home and have a pity party by myself and be miserable and count my cycle days and all the glamorous crap that comes with infertility but I chose not to. So I don't forget what I am willing to give up for it all.

In any case, if children are not in our future at least we'll still have a life when we finally throw in the towel and we won't find ourselves lost and confused on top of being miserable.

I think its most important not to forget who you are and not let your infertility define you. You define your infertility.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cricket population GTFO!

We've been having issues with our basement recently being overpopulated with crickets. Like, not even kidding. At any given time you could walk down to the basement and see at least 5 crickets.

I was able to live in complete denial of this until our wonderful plumbing spit out some wonderful sewage slime all over our wonderful basement... which sent all our wonderful little cricket friends to find shelter on the main and second floor of our wonderful PMQ.

Just wonderful.

Crickets chillin' in the sink. Crickets hangin' by the stove. Crickets hiding under the area rug. Crickets every.fuckin.where.

After walking around with a cricket corpse on a paper towel Tuesday night and yelling "BE WARNED LITTLE BITCHES!", the house was significantly quieter on Wednesday evening. This proves that my plan to spike little cricket heads on toothpicks by the front door wasn't such a crazy idea.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who does that?!

Actual conversation at the store today:

Me: Hum, excuse me - I had some clothes in a change room and now they are just gone... did you move them?
Mistake-immune-lady: Oh, I thought you were done so I put everything back.
Me: So you just assumed I had put everything back on the proper hanger and square folded the jeans...?

Mistake-immune-lady: Yes, it happens all the time.

Me: Right.

Mistake-immune-lady: You can just go around the store and find your things, they are probably just on top of the pile.

Me: Well at least your customers take more care in facing clothes than you do...

**I really wanted to try on some stuff so I actually went back and found most of it... also to be able to have this conversation as I left.

Mistake-immune-lady: You found what you were looking for?

Me: Yes, and I left everything else on the floor like a normal person.



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