Saturday, January 22, 2011

Status update : I've had it.

I have had it with stupid "will you dare repost this?" or "repost this as your status for one hour if you care" nonsense. Seriously. I'm furious with the world.

As my current status update shows...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hockey Babe

In high school, my then-boyfriend was a total hockey player. I went to every match and hung out with the gang before and after games. He was tall and huge but really, deep down inside he was a total shmoo. After he and I broke up, I had a tendency to gravitate around hockey guys without even knowing. If I met someone interesting, chances were he watched hockey, played hockey or at least he wished he could.

When Js and I started dating, my friends *coughmaggiecough* teased me because he'd never even put on a hockey jersey. The first one he ever wore was mine. As Maggie kindly put it "I think you've tried the whole hockey-guy thing and we know it doesn't work." - she knows me so well... and was so right. Js kept saying he was surprised I agreed to date him because he wasn't a hockey player and all that jazz... after I told him what Maggie said, he loved her even more. :)

Then he joined the military, started working out and we moved to Moose Jaw. All these things pointed to playing hockey so he decided to give it a try. He was able to rent some equipment for the first year because he had no idea if he'd actually like it or not. Now, he can't get enough of it. He plays 2 to 3 games a week... sometimes up to 4-5 when he plays for 2 different teams. Mind you, I don't go to every game because... well... we're not in high school anymore and let's face it, their goalies aren't nearly as attractive.

I'm happy Js found a sport that he loves and the fact that it's hockey makes it even more fun! ;)

Go Babe!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nova got spoiled

We drove to Regina on Monday because we needed to buy more food for Jacko and Nova ended up being the one getting spoiled at the pet supply store.

This winter has been especially cold and when we walk her for too long, she just drops to the ground and tries to warm herself up when she gets too cold. Then we have to stand there and freeze until she's warm enough to keep walking. Le sigh. Js decided she needed a coat and I decided it needed to be stylish. She is a fancy lady after all. :)

We also got her a new bed for the living room because the one in her crate was getting a bit ew so her living-room bed got demoted to crate-bed to make room for this prettier and matchy-matchy-er one.

Work it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New camera fun!

A bit ago I promised to post some pictures taken with my new Canon Rebel camera Js bought me for Christmas.

We took Nova to the Wakamow Valley park here in Moose Jaw and everyone had tons of fun. Her with a frozen tennis ball, Js chasing her around and me with my new toy.

My dog. She's skilled.
It was a gorgeous day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We bought a new ride! :)

Yup, just like that. :)

We've been looking to upgrade our VW Rabbit for quite some time now and we finally found something that would work for us. We wanted something more practical, easier for traveling and something to brave the Prairie winters.

We decided on a Santa Fe 2010 - it's indigo blue and it comes with all the fixins. Obviously, the picture is bellow isn't a photo of ours but it's what I could find on the net in a pinch.

We are SUPER excited to finally stop counting KMs (our Rabbit was on lease) and to be able to plan road trips without worrying about Nova's comfort. It's a pretty huge leap but I think it's well deserved.

With that, we're on another no-restaurants-month again to save some dough and to get back to regular (more reasonable) eating habits post Holidays.


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