Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy dreams - Sea animals and the end of the world

Last couple of weird dreams I had, I blamed the prescription medication. This time, too much sugar and wine might be the cause.

**Warning, very weird and disturbing dream ahead. I promise I'm not deranged.

So we'd borrowed some animals from Sea World, we kept them in a box until we had to return them for our amusement. Evil, I know. They were kind of weird too... one of them was a Sea Dog. It's was pretty much Nova with gills that looked a bit like an otter. So... anyways, for some reason I had to leave Moose Jaw and I was really upset but it would allow me to drop off the sea animals in Winnipeg on my way back to Ontario so I kinda had to do it. (?) So I left without telling anyone, boxed up Sea Dog in tow.

When I got to Sea World Winnipeg, the nice lady in a wet suit told me that we could only return sea animals on Sunday and being Thursday, I'd have to wait a couple days. So I slid down an ice structure to where I could find food and shelter for me and my sea dog for the next couple days. On the way, heard some cries for help so I stopped sliding because I'm magical like that and saw that some people had fallen over. So I found a piece of string and helped them out. The lady and her 2 daughters offered to take me and Sea Nova into their home until Sunday to thank me. Bad idea.

As we walked over to their home, I left Sea Nova at a Sea Kennel and got the weird feeling everyone was in a panic. I started looking around and everyone was preparing for the end of the world. Setting up shelters on the roof, packing up supplies and everyone was wearing rubber boots. The lady left her 2 daughters outside as they were begging her "not to do it again" and she said "well I have to show our guest so she knows!" and left them to play in the snow. The daughters are kinda strange and I stay behind to have a good look at them. They look like normal happy kids but they seem totally oblivious to everything that's happening around them. The youngest one looks like she's wearing pink play-handcuffs.

I walked into her house and it seemed pretty normal. There were too many knick-knacks for my taste but nothing I couldn't tolerate for a couple of days. Right in the middle of the place, there is what looks like a defibrillator machine but the paddles are hooked up to the ceiling. The woman then explains to me how she's discovered a source of electromagnetic energy (I blame Lost for this one!) that will save her and her daughters from the catastrophe. She says that sending shocks into her house will "shake off the water if there's a flood", "protect the home during earthquakes" and "will make it fireproof" somehow. She needs to show me what happens so I can be prepared in case she needs to set it off while I'm there. I assume that's what her daughters were warning her about before but don't make much of it.

She presses a button and the entire house lifts off it's foundation and starts to shake like a cell phone on vibrate. Everything stays in place, she explains, because everything's moving at the same time. She finally stops the machine and then runs outside.

I immediately see her oldest daughter laying limply in the front yard but she doesn't seem to notice. She is frantically looking for the youngest one who's nowhere to be found. I stand there, like stunned, staring at the oldest one in the snow. A stranger walks by on the street and yells "That girl looks dead!". I take a closer look and see he's right so I get the mom's attention but she doesn't seem to care - she's still looking for the young one. So the stranger-man picks up the lifeless little body and brings her to her mom and then the girl wakes up a bit and says something along the lines of "Why did you have to do it again?" - the mom doesn't seem to care and keeps asking about her younger sister. The weak girl lifts up her head and says "You can stop looking." and shows that she's wearing the handcuffs now and then passes out.

...then I woke up.


Meesh said...

W.T.F. .... did you eat anything weird before bed? see a creepy movie? mon dieu!

Shayna said...

I hate those strange dreams... they always leave me somewhat creeped out by the world in general...

Marie said...

They creep me right the eff out too! ...and then I feel the need to share the creepy-outty with the rest of you! Haha!

I promise I'm not a total mental case (most days!) ... my dreams are just messed up.

Meesh, Js reminded me that I had a cheesey danish thing when I got home from our friends party (wine-short-term-memory-loss) so that may have been the cause of this disaster of a dream. I've made note. ;)

esphixiet said...

Wow.... that's a spectacular dream.
I find the weirder the better, as long as it doesn't leave me feeling disturbed in the morning :)


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