Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Post Maternity Clothes Reality

I have this shirt that I love. It's from the "work out" line from GAP. *shows how white I am* It's so comfy and it's got thumb holes and I love it. I wore it a bit at the beginning of pregnancy because I refused to stop wearing it. Alas, belly got in the way and I had to stuff it in a drawer until we could be reunited once again.

I put it on this morning for the first time post pregnancy. I felt awesome! Look at me, fitting in my shirt again! It even fits better than before and look at m'tatas!

...and then my son puked on it.

1 comment:

Whitney Kerr said...

OMG I swear I love you more every day :D
Also, you make me laugh. But not at you. Cause that's mean :)


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