Friday, December 13, 2013

Take *that* Santa!

We are DONE the Christmas shopping for the kids. :)

We only got them a few small toys like blocks and balls and more "advanced" rattles along with one bigger toy, an activity block like the ones at the Dr's office. :)

They are still too little to understand Christmas but we still wanted to get them some stuff we would end up getting them anyway.

We don't really have that many toys for them and didn't buy any in advance because there was so much more useful stuff we actually needed right away "times two".

Truth be told, we also want to wait until Boxing Day and once we've opened all the gifts from family.

Next year, there will be less room for error and they will need more expensive toys so we are keeping it low key this year and making our first Christmas with them more about the memories we are making for ourselves.

Last Christmas I made a huge traditional meat pie dish that contained dear and beef and porc and chicken, gagging the whole way through because of my aversion to meat and watched Love Actually on a loop with a cold cloth on my forehead. It was grand. I felt so blessed, nausea and all, and I tried to imagine what this Christmas would be like... I still haven't the faintest clue but I'm pretty excited. :)

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